IARD Secretary Desk

Dear All,


Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya Institute of Agriculture and Rural Development started in the year 1956 has been teaching science-based skills in agriculture and allied sectors, consistent with the changing agricultural scenario.

The Institute offers two years of “Diploma in Agriculture” course imparting multidisciplinary, multidimensional, managerial science in agriculture which necessitates an understanding of natural resources like soil, water and changing environment with regard to the climatic change.

Efficient teaching coupled with intensive training in this Institute enable the students to exercise their best performance in the Government Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Universities, Research Institutes, Sugar Factories, Private Farms and Organizations.

The Institute possesses the required faculties in all the departments to help the students, imbibed with the best of agricultural science and allied sectors. The products of this Institute will certainly contribute to the management of resources in enhancing the agricultural production and ultimately the improved livelihood of farm families.

It is gratifying to make mention that all the students of this Institute are blessed with 100 % placements in farms, companies, and organizations through campus placements.

With best wishes!

Yours in the service of the lord,