IARD || Diploma in Agri at Coimbatore Rules & Regulations : Guidelines

Rules & Regulations : Guidelines

General – Rules & Regulations:

  1. Students are instructed to read the hostel Rules and Regulations properly.
  2. Students room will be checked by the hostel warden or supervisor at any time without any information.
  3. Vidyalaya has a programme daily with prayers at early morning 06.30 and evening 06.30. Students must compulsorily attend the prayers with white shirts and dhotis.
  4. Students are not allowed to stay in the hostel after the semester examinations.
  5. Students are not allowed to do their part time studies during evening hours. it is the duty of the parents to decided before joining the hostel.
  6. Students should follow the daily routine and the hostel timings.
  7. Parents/ Guardians can meet their sons/wards during the time between 05.00 pm and 06.00 pm at college days from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays and Govt. holidays parents can meet their children from 09.00 am to 06.00 pm.
  8. Students are not allowed to use radio, tape – recorder and other electronic instruments. If the students are found to use these items, they will be ceased and disciplinary action will be taken.
  9. Harmful drugs, tobacco, alcohol, etc., hence if we found students habituated with these drugs are prohibited. If students use this drugs they will be immediately expelled from the hostel and the caution deposit money will not be refunded.

Inside Hostel – Rules & Regulations:

  1. Students should maintain proper discipline at the campus.
  2. Students are not allowed to tease the other students or junior students, physically or mentally.
  3. Ragging is banned by the Government. If any student found indulging in ragging he will be immediately expelled from the hostel.
  4. Only the hostel students are allowed to enter the hostel rooms. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to enter the hostel rooms.
  5. Students must be disciplined with love, care and honesty towards the hostel warden, supervisors and other staff.
  6. Students should not interchange their allotted furniture and other belongings with the students in the other rooms.
  7. Students must be disciplined and obey the Supervisor Anna (staff) at the Dining Hall, Grounds, Prayer Hall and other places.
  8. A hostel students must do his routine throughout the day with a concentrated mind.
  9. Students are not allowed to wear T-shirts which are highly colourful and with objectionable pictures.
  10. Students should wear white dhotis and white shirts while attending prayer.

Study Time – Rules and Regulations:

  1. Students must follow their study hours strictly.
  2. Students should stay and study only in their respective rooms. They are not allowed to enter other rooms.

Students Outings and Going to Native Places – Rules and Regulations:

  1. Students must wear Trousers and Shirts/T-Shirts while going to native places and outside the campus.
  2. While going for outing, Students must enter their names, departments, outgoing time, place and returning time at the movement register.
  3. During college days, students can go for outing only between 04.30 pm and 06.00 pm. During holidays, the students can go for outing after the noon meals and should return before 06.00 pm with the permission of the warden.
  4. While going home, outing, industrial visit and other places, students must take their own responsibility till they return to the hostel. Parents/Guardian should ensure that their children reach the destination. The hostel will not be responsible for any happening during the outing.
  5. While returning from their native places, the students should reach the hostel before 06.00 pm and attended the evening prayer.
  6. Students who like to take leave for festivals and occasions, should get permission from warden with a letter from the parents/guardians or a phone call must be made by the parents/guardians.
  7. During gazette holidays the students must get prior permission to go the native places. After getting proper permission only the students are allowed to go the native places. Before going he should submit proper leave letter.
  8. Students should meet the warden or supervisor before the stipulated time while returning from their native places.

Health Condition – Rules and Regulation:

  1. If any student’s health is affected, he should inform the Warden or Supervisor. If required, students will be asked to go home and come back after a complete recovery.
  2. The students sharing same rooms should observe and identify the other students’ health if they are not well and inform immediately to the hostel Warden.

Hostel Mess – Rules and Regulations:

  1. Only Vegetarian food is provided in the hostel, Tiffin will be provided in the morning, Meals in the afternoon, Tea in the evening and Variety food in the night.
  2. Students must maintain timings while coming to the hostel mess. Students should not waste food. Food will be served only during the allotted time.
  3. Students should not enter the kitchen without permission.
  4. Students should get one day prior permission from the Warden or Supervisor for going to the workshop, field visit during college days.
  5. Students should not quarrel with the other students who are on serving duty.
  6. Mess manager will allot a student duty for serving the food. If the students on serving duty have to go to their native places, they should make alternate arrangements with other students.
  7. Students who want to inform about the quality of food must only inform to the mess manager.
  8. Students, who are allotted serving duty, should come to the mess ten minutes in advance. Those students who are coming from college for serving duty should get permission from the teachers in the college.
  9. Only the Parents/Guardians will be allowed to have food in the hostel mess with the permission of the Warden/ Mess manager in advance.

Students and Parents – Note:

  1. Students should not keep money or costly items in their rooms. If they are lost, the hostel management will not hold any responsibility.
  2. Students should lock their cup-boards and keep the keys in their custody.
  3. Students should use the furniture with utmost care and maintain the windows, doors switches, bulbs and fans. If the above items are damaged wantonly, the students will be fined.
  4. Whenever the warden likes to meet the Parents/Guardian, They should come and meet him.
  5. If the students like to speak to their parents, they can use the coin box phone on specific timings.
  6. Emergency messages from Parents/Guardians to their children should be conveyed only through the Warden or Supervisor.
  7. Students should get permission from their parents & the Hostel Warden before going to paper presentations, seminars or industrial visits.
  8. Indisciplined students who are removed from the Hostel will not be refunded their hostel fees including the caution deposit.

Community Service:

  1. Students should clean their rooms daily. All students should keep their clothes clean and comfortable.
  2. Students should keep the bathrooms and toilets clean.
  3. While washing and bathing the students should not waste water by using it beyond requirement. Washing is allowed only on the allotted days and time-frames.
  4. Community service is an important feature in life. Students here will learn how to work together and also to do menial work. Hostel campus, rooms, veranda, steps and grounds must be kept clean.
  5. Students should do their daily work and should not depend on others.
  6. All students should work whole-heartedly and with involvement. They should be service minded with honesty and responsibility.

Important Note:

Students should follow the hostel rules and regulations. If the students are found indisciplined or addicted to drugs and other intoxicating items, they will be summarily removed from the Hostel at once even if it is night time. While the students are on way to their native places/homes during night/day the safety of the students stays only with the parents/students till they reach homes. The Hostel will not hold any responsibility if anything happens to the students.

Procedure to Discontinue:

Students who are not willing to stay in the Hostel should submit the properly filled applications to the Hostel Warden.
Only after remitting the full hostel fees and dues for the whole year the students will be allowed to discontinue.
Students discontinue within the first fifteen days joining will be given only the caution deposit.


Our Aim is to make Good Citizens. The Rules and Regulations have been defined for the development of students. Parents & Students are requested to go through thoroughly and give their cooperation so that we can make Better Personalities.