Agricultural Entomology

Agricultural Entomology department is functioning in the Institute for the past 64 years. The Agricultural Entomology is committed to provide quality information and services that meet the curriculum needs of our students.

The lab also provides diagnostic services to help young students to identify and deal with insect pests that benefit and affect production. The laboratory is equipped with different types of sprayers like Hand sprayer, Knapsack sprayer, Rocker sprayer dusters, Honey bee hives, Traps like pheromone trap, light trap, yellow sticky trap, fish meal trap, Insect collection equipments like hand net, aspirator and setting board, etc.,

Enormous collection of insects which covers 30 orders like Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Diptera, Hemiptera in field and horticultural crops were collected and preserved in the laboratory for the students to develop skills in identification and lifelong learning. Photo transparencies of pests are displayed in the laboratory for easy identification and learning to the students.



Agronomy assumes significance in Agriculture as it is a basic subject to be taught to the students. The theoretical and practical aspects in Agronomy have been imparted to the students


Agro – Meteorological observatory Agro – Meteorological observatory is of ‘C’ type observatory and it has meteorological Instruments like maximum minimum Thermometer, Soil thermometer, Sunshine recorder, Ordinary and Self recordingraingauge,Wind