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Agronomy assumes significance in Agriculture as it is a basic subject to be taught to the students. The theoretical and practical aspects in Agronomy have been imparted to the students so that they can easily learn and understand the agronomic trends and technologies. The basic principles [...]

Agricultural EntomologyAgricultural Entomology

Agricultural Entomology department is functioning in the Institute for the past 64 years. The Agricultural Entomology is committed to provide quality information and services that meet the curriculum needs of our students. The lab also provides diagnostic services to help young students to identify and [...]


Horticulture plays a vital role in improving the income and livelihoods of farmers. Through the production, processing and export opportunities of Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Spices, Plantation crops, medicinal and Aromatic crops, the GDP and overall economy of our country is also improving. The soil and [...]

Animal SciencesAnimal Sciences

A dairy unit attached to Ramakrishna Vidyalaya Mission agricultural farm consists of the following facilities viz, Dairy Cows – 45 nos. Poultry unit – 1 unit. Feed Pulverizer – 1 no. Chaff cutter – 1 no. Bio gas unit – 1 no. In addition to [...]

Agricultural EngineeringAgricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering deals with the advancements in the areas of Farm Machinery, Agricultural Structure, Soil and Water Conversion Engineering, Energy and Environmental Engineering, and Post harvest Engineering. Institute of Agriculture and Rural Development houses various field machineries viz., tractor, power tiller and implements. The students are [...]


Agro – Meteorological observatory Agro – Meteorological observatory is of ‘C’ type observatory and it has meteorological Instruments like maximum minimum Thermometer, Soil thermometer, Sunshine recorder, Ordinary and Self recordingraingauge,Wind vane, Anemometer and Open pan evaporimeter. Students are trained to record the various weather parameters [...]

Students ActivitiesStudents Activities

1.Selvan. M. Thanushkumar of I year Diploma in Agriculture secured the second place in  State-Level Online Quiz Competition of “Celebration of National Youth Day and 75th Anniversary of Indian Independence” conducted by RKMV Swami Vivekananda Cultural and Heritage Centre. 2. All the staff members of [...]