Having such good infrastructure, the Vidyalaya IARD has introduced Diploma in Agriculture and Certificate courses in Mushroom Production, Nursery Technology, Organic Composting and Dairy Cattle Management. Class room building, Multipurpose Conference Hall, Green House, Progeny Orchard, Mushroom Production Unit, Vermi Compost Unit, Dairy Unit, Computer Centre, Library, Printing Press, Auditorium, Weather Station, Plant protection  laboratory etc..are available.

Indoor Stadium

Fitness Centre

Vivekananda Park

Ramayan Park

Swami Vivekananda said that the backbone of India is religion. Most Indians imbibe this spirit of religion and the values contained in them through the medium of our great epics. By way of play gadgets personifying characters that remind us of our great tradition and values, the Ramayana Park which is located close to the Swami Vivekananda Park, continues to draw scores of visitors including the residents of the neighborhood and the people travelling on the Coimbatore – Ooty highway. It is our hope that Park continues to serve as a means of healthy and enlightening entertainment to the children.


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