Agricultural Extension

Agricultural Extension

The Audio visual laboratory of Agricultural Extension department is highly equipped with modern gadgets and aids. The main objective of this department is to transfer the Agricultural technologies from lab to land. This department also transfers new innovative agricultural practices and technologies to the farming community.

Extensive visits to villages, State Department of Agriculture, Government Institutions and Organizations, State Agricultural University (TNAU) and NGOs are organized for the students to learn their activities. Study tour is also being offered to the students to expand their knowledge on agricultural scenario.

The Audio visual lab also serves as a seminar presentation and hall with a seating capacity of 100 individuals.

Facilities available:

  1. Video Camera with Tripod, Lightening Accessories and Editing facility
  2. Camera (SLR) 20x Canon with zoom and wide Tele photo lens (Digital)
  3. Computers (work stations)
  4. Wireless Microphones
  5. Public Address system – Electro voice – AMP with speaker
  6. Smart classroom with video and audio facility
  7. Chalk boards – Black board and white board classroom
  8. Overhead Projector (OHP)


Plant Pathology

The Plant Pathology laboratory is equipped to receive and maintain plant material in isolation for the identification and diagnosis of field and horticultural crop diseases, caused by bacteria, fungi, virus, phytoplasmas, insects, mites and nematodes.

Plant pathology laboratory provides hands on training in the identification and classification of representative plant diseases, including isolation and culturing techniques for plant pathogenic fungi, bacteria, nematodes and viruses.

Plant pathology laboratory is equipped with

  1. Preserved plant disease specimens.
  2. Disease inoculum slides.
  3. Photo transparencies of field and horticultural crop diseases for easy identification and learning to the students.
  4. Simple and compound microscopes.
  5. Plant disease microscopic slides.
  6. Fungicides and Nematicides.

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